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I’ve started and stopped blogging more times than I can count.The reasons have varied over the years. Distractions, lack of motivation, laziness, feeling uninspired. Of all the reasons, self-doubt has been the biggest dragon to slay. Throughout my life I’ve been pretty good at many of the things I’ve attempted. There have also been things I’ve wanted to try but didn’t because I figured I wouldn’t be “good” at it. This way of thinking has to be the most detrimental. It shows disrespect for the process and forces you to stay in your comfort zone.

  • Realize you are not the only person that gets nervous about starting something new. It happens to the best of us. Don’t let these feelings stop you from stepping into what could be your destiny.
  • Trust the process. Beyonce wasn’t built in day. Neither was Rome. Anything you want to accomplish will take work. CONSISTENT work. Put it in your head that you will continue to work on your craft even on days it’s not fun… It won’t ALWAYS BE FUN
  • Set goals, write them down and don’t stop until you accomplish them (Fun fact about me, I don’t set goals because not reaching them leaves me disappointed self-doubt at its finest. I’m already contemplating not reaching a goal that’s not even set yet. I’m working on it)
  • DON’T be your own worst enemy. I remember saying I would officially start blogging when I lost 50lbs. Working on losing weight is important but what does that have to do with writing? Seriously had to ask myself this question.
  • Remember why you started. I would hope that thing you’ve set out to do is for you. Don’t allow anyone to throw you off track. Revisit that excitement I know you felt when first decided to embark on your journey and use it as fuel to keep going.


Creators of any kind a group of people I respect. They held a special place in my heart even before I became one. I’m always moved to defend and encourage them. It takes guts to put out something you’ve put all your all into for public consumption. People may like it, people may hate it, or people may not give a damn about it. Either way it’s you that will have to process the outcome. Remember to trust yourself, your decisions and your ability.


Till Next Time,

Lena Badazz