Usually I’m bringing you the latest updates for The Girl’s Next Door from behind the computer. There was a change to that routine this past weekend. When I saw The Girl’s Next Door would be in town for The 05 Boys All White Affair, I took that as an opportunity to get out and cover the girls live and in color. You may be used to seeing our CEO, Permishia Horne, out and about at this event or that one. We thought it would be a nice touch to bring the action to all of you first hand for public consumption. I arrived to the venue, camera bag, accessories, and tripod in hand. Time is important, so of course The Girl’s Next Door were there early to beat the crowd and properly get set up. This is what you can expect when you book the girls for your event.  We took time to take some cute shots. Before we knew it the crowd was starting to file in and of course the bar was the first stop. Most people ordered their faves.  Some wanted shots, others wanted straight liquor. Then you’ve got people like me. I never know what I want when its time to order drinks. “No problem” Mishia said. She mixed me up something nice and saved me the anxiety of having to figure it out myself, and trust me I was thankful! I also returned back to the bar multiple times that night.  Everyone did! When throwing an event music and food is important but the adults want DRINKS! And they must be on point to deem the event a success. All too often people downplay the importance of the bartender. I watched in awe as the ladies controlled the crowd, mixed drinks quickly and efficiently and kept their bar clean and tidy. This event offered bottle service so their duties didn’t began and end behind the bar. It was also their responsibility to make sure bottles made it to their respective tables, as well as provide those guest with any extras needed. I was extremely impressed with the service given and so were the guest and client for that night. Don’t take my word for It though. Go ahead and book your next service with The Girls Next Door!