(Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP)

When the news of Cardi B being arrested hit the net this morning, I received a few texts, DMs and inbox messages asking what I thought. Many were waiting on my “I told you so.”  Let me be the first to say this aint that. Cardi B’s arrest is NOTHING to laugh about. I’m almost afraid some of her fans aren’t taking it serious enough. I’ve still seen way too many posts condoning her actions. Although I’ve been pretty vocal about my feelings on Cardi and her antics, this is the last thing I wanted to see. For those who are behind, allow me to catch you up. This morning Cardi turned herself in (looking amazing might I add) on charges of a fight with two strippers. Allegedly Cardi orchestrated the two girls to be jumped because one of them was messing with her husband Offset.  I’ve put a new rule in place when it comes to blogging.

If I haven’t said anything positive in recent months, don’t expect me to be the first one to run to post the negative.

Donald Trump is an exception, in that case I’m sure I’ll never have anything positive to say.Then again I work to not give him any attention at all but back to the topic at hand. I’ve extended this courtesy to celebrities who I’ve never met, or who may never read a single post I write because I comment on their lives quite often with this whole blog thing. I felt compelled to write on this because some people seem to feel I flat out hate Cardi, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In a lot of ways I feel I want more for Cardi than some of her fans. I get frustrated with her because people continue to applaud her for staying the same. In the last year, you’ve manage to change just about every aspect of your entire life. Why choose to stay the same attitude and action wise? This industry or any industry for that matter is unkind to women of color. Being hot for a min is cool. However longevity is the real goal. Accountability from those who love us is so important. It pushes us to do better, holds us responsible for our actions and encourages growth. No matter how many passes you get at some point you will have to face the consequences to negative actions. Hopefully, this isn’t Cardi’s come around.  But I do hope it’s a lesson learned.

Control your emotions or they will control you.