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I can remember when plastic surgery was something exclusive to celebrities and entertainers. Now, I’m sure we all know someone who has been or will go under the knife. I can’t say if I’m pro nip tuck just yet. I also can’t say that it hasn’t crossed my mind a time or 12. I’m a firm believer in the phrase if you don’t like something change it! This applies to jobs, family, relationships, life…. So why would the body be an exclusion? I guess my main issue with the whole surgery wave, is first everyone’s need to look the same. (not that I find issues with what others do with the body god gave them, do you boo boo!) BUT, we must realize that not every girl is meant to have a 42 inch ass with a waist snatched to nonexistence. Just like hair and makeup, surgery is meant to be an enhancement, to help you be the best version of you, you can be. Not the next Amber Rose, Bernice Sanders or Kim Kardashian.  The next thing that makes me cringe is the use of plastic surgery as a quick fix. If you didn’t exercise before you pulled your stomach to your spine, chances are, you won’t after you’re happy with how you look. Truth be told when you take fat from your stomach it comes back in other places… you know like the neck, ankles, face, wrist, I’m sure you get my drift. The bottom line is to protect your investment. I see some girls whose surgery is popping and others who should have just stopped. I don’t think people realize how awkward it looks when your arms are huge, your chin is tripled, and your thighs overlap but ignore all that the stomach is FLAT! Come on now I tell you this as your, friend neighbor and bitch next door. That’s not what’s up baby. Make a commitment to lose excess fat up until the date of your surgery, it’ll look better and the effects will last longer. Last but not least make it your business to research your doctor!!! This is a surgery for godsakes! A botched surgery will not only have you looking crazy (ever seen a gap a mile apart in those new balloon breast?) It could also cost you your life. Log off Facebook, log out snapchat and log INTO a source to find information on your potential doctor. Oh and as a bonus tip please stop logging into Facebook still in bandages. No you don’t have to be ashamed to say you’ve had a surgery but you should put that energy into giving your body a fair chance to heal. Drink your water, get your massages, keep up with your follow up appointments and THEN log into Instagram and buy that boutique dress Okay, Okay the drink is starting to speak for me I better go. Until next time stay classy neighbors!


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