Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you Travel?
      A. Yes we do travel. Only in the state of Florida.


Q. Is there a deposit? Yes there will be a deposit.
      A. This will be collected a week before your event.
Q. How much do you charge per hour?
     A. It varies depending on what’s required.
Q. Do you work weddings?
      A. Yes we cover weddings.
Q. Do you work bachelor party’s?
      A. Yes we work bachelor parties. (No Hotel Suites)
Q. How many girls can you have per event?
     A. You can have up to 5 Girlsnextdoor
Q. Where are you located?
      A. Jacksonville, Fl
Q. When do you have to make a payment? Before or after event?
      A. Your final payment is due before the Event.